501'st Legion Stormtrooper Captain


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Own your very own Cultural Icon! This Stormtrooper Costume is the real deal. It would be at home on the big screen or at your local con. This costume is complete and ready to wear with everything you need to join your local Stormtrooper Legion. Whats included: 1. Full Armor Kit and Helmet. 2. Hand Painted distressed Blaster, Belt, and gloves. 3. Full black one piece bodysuit size large with black balaclava( machine washed) 4. Size 12 White leather boots (worn once) 5. Black rubber ribbed neck seal and Captain shoulder pauldron


Will it fit me? This costume will likely fit most larger men. Anyone in the 5'10"- 6'2" & 180-200lbs would fit in this costume. Anyone smaller might need to layer up to "fill out" the armor. Shoe Size: 12 What Type of Armor? The basic armor is an "Armor Master" kit The Helmet is an A.T.A. helmet (Affordable Trooper Armor).

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