Press News

04 Jul 2017

Chrysalis is expecting to be up and running by August 15th. Stay tuned for updates!​​​​​​​

Press BackEnd

04 Jul 2017

We love to dress up, and judging by annual costume sales, you probably do too. Every year, Americans buy over one hundred million new costumes. Most of these costumes are really only fun for their first use. The moment your friends have seen them, you need a new one.

We asked ourselves, “What happens to all those previously enjoyed costumes?” If you’re like us, those old costumes are probably sitting in a pile, collecting dust somewhere in your home. At Chrysalis we saw a chance to create an alternative to this endless cycle of waste.

We are more than a costume store; we are a movement aimed at positively transforming society. We are rebuilding North American industry, sponsoring effective charities, and