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You have two options...

We Can Buy Your Stuff...

If you have 3 or more costumes to sell you can request a costume cleanout kit. We send you a large bag with a prepaid shipping label. You simply place your old costumes in the bag and bring it to the post office; we pay you for the costumes we are able to accept. We offer cash or Chrysalis Store Credit toward your next costume purchase.

Request a Bag 
Other Chrysalis Users Can Buy Your Stuff...

If you're a Cosplayer, performance artist or, just have a large costume that won't fit into our cleanout bags, you can sell it yourself by uploading it onto Chrysalis. This is a great option for large Cosplay costumes, mascot costumes, suits of armor, and unique items that are generally worth more.

Upload a Costume

Additional information

1. Selling Requirements

For a costume to be sold on Chrysalis it needs to be in excellent condition. We don’t expect perfection, very slight wear is acceptable, but the costume must be complete, with NO defects or flaws that could compromise utility for the next owner.

2. Cleanliness Requirements

Costumes sold to other users must be freshly laundered and ready to be wear. Costumes sent to Chrysalis are inspected and cleaned prior to resale. However, we do not accept excessively dirty costumes with obvious stains or odors.

3. Request a Bag

In order for us to have a chance to offer you a payout you need to have at least three costumes to request a costume cleanout kit. These costumes need to pass our quality standards.

4. Photo Guide

You can upload the photos on our site. We recommend taking a few photos showing the entire costume as well as a detail photo showing any spots with wear or minor flaws, or any accessories. We require that all photos be genuine, accurate and unambiguous.

5. Chrysalis Guarantee

We protect our users. We provide seller verification, delayed payments for first time sellers, and check first time User’s listings to keep everyone safe. If you would like more info, check out our Support & Contact page.